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    Default CSS Beachfront Suites

    Does anyone have current pictures of these rooms? The ones on the website have a brown decor...but I've seen some from people who have gone that have a blue one. Can anybody give me some info/pictures on these?

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    dex14 -

    If you go to our post CSS Review and Pictures, the last few pictures are of the second room we were in, B28. It was a very nice room, but we enjoyed our first room much better, G12B, way up in the cliffs. Unfortunately, due to a hot water problem, we had to move from there. The Beachfront suites do have a blue decor in the living room and bedroom, with a brown/beige tile in the bathroom.

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    To save you trying to locate the thread I mentioned, here's the link to our pictures.

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    Thanks I appreciate it. But your link doesnt seem to work.

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