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    Booked a stay at CSA for 5 nights in March and we're entitled to the repeaters perks.. just wondering, with the half hour massage are we able to upgrade it to an hour and how much would that cost? Also, are the massages only avaliable at the spa at CSA or are there any hut / tree top locations like CSS or CN?

    Which restaurant is a must for the lobster night? Really looking forward to enjoying it as our trip will be while it's in season.

    Are we able to get a bottle of champagne or wine from the bar and take to our room / the beach, or are they only served by the glass?

    And any idea whether British sport channels will be able to be picked up from the TV in the sports bar or not? My boyfriend is a big rugby fan here in the UK and wondered if he'd be able to catch a game or not, although it's not important it's just he asked in passing and I had no idea!

    Thanks for any help!

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    Yes you can upgrade to an hour massage, not sure of cost. ( They asked us if we wanted the upgrade and we said no ). Lobster night is great in all the restaurants. I heard everyone the next day raving about their lobster, and everyone had ate in different locations. We had ours at Feathers, and it was fantastic. You can get a bottle of Champagne or wine, but you will need to pay for it if you get a bottle. By the glass it is of course included. While we were visiting they had American ESPN on most of the time in the Sports Bar, I am not sure if they have UK stations available. IF they have if available, they will change the station to a different sporting event per you request. We met Canadians when we visited and they commented that canadian TV stations were available . Have a great vacation at CSA you will love it. By the sounds of recent review I have read, it sounds like CSA is attracting more British visitors which will be great ( they all seem to love it also ).

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    Thank you for the reply, getting very excited now as the time counts down!

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    We upgraded our repeaters massage to an hour (actually, 50 minutes) at CSA. The cost was $60 each to upgrade to an hour. Be sure to take advantage of the Buddah spa, it is wonderful and relaxing.

    We had lobster at Patois Patio and it was broiled very nicely. My husband ordered the steak with it, and they served it together as surf and turf, a nice touch.

    I've heard others say that they were able to get bottles of wine/champagne, but I've never tried, since we always get a room with a mini-bar at CSA, and the mini-bar has bottles of white and red wine.

    I don't recall seeing any British channels, but I'm not positive. Our favorite channel was the Caribbean Weather Channel, which was just a hoot - not much to report, really, so they get pretty goofy (we loved the stuffed parrot mascot).

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