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    We are First timers, we have just booked the tim air transfer down to negril,can anyone tell me once through customs do we have to check in at the couples lounge and then go and get flight or just go straight to the tim air check in??

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    After you clear customs, proceed around the corner into a large open area where you will find lounges for various resorts. The Tim Air desk is at the center, so one of you can check in there if you'd like, but we always proceed directly to the Couples Lounge. Check in with the agent at the desk and tell that person that you're flying to Negril on Tim Air. He or she will call TimAir, and you'll be invited to enjoy a Red Stripe or two.

    A Tim Air agent will come to retrieve you and your luggage and will escort you outside to a van that will transfer you to the terminal at which you check in for your flight to Negril. At the Tim Air counter, you'll pay for your flight and will then be escorted out to the plane. A short time later, you'll land in Negril. The air strip is literally across the street from CN. You can go to the Tim Air office and have the agent call your resort to send a car to retrieve you, or you can accept a ride from one of the drivers for hire who are waiting for passengers on incoming flights. We always choose the latter option. Enjoy.
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