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    Default March 21-28, 2010

    My girlfriend and I are going to be at CSS for the first time from March 21-28,2010. Anyone else on here going to be there at that time? We are new to Couples, but have been to several other AI resorts. I can not wait. I have done so much research and just know this is going to be the best. We are both 40 and from the St. Louis area. I am SCUBA certified, but it has been years. I don't think I can get her to even try it.

    You can post here or e mail me at if you want to let us know that you are going to be down there at the same time.

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    Hey! My husband and I are going to be there that same time. I am 29 and he will be soon. We are going for our honeymoon and his B-day (which is March 22!) We have never been to Jamaica or an AI resort at all. Like you, I did a TON of research and I think CSS is going to be fantastic!!

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    Default Congrats

    Congrats on the wedding and his B Day. I sure wish I would have been able to go to this nice of a place when I went to my first AI resort. I have only been to Jamaica once, but Mexico several times. This is her first time to Jamaica, it was her idea and I gave it to her for Christmas.

    We are a little nervous about the au natural side. We want to go to that beach to watch the sunset and hope we are not considered outcasts. LOL.

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    Default no e mail

    No, I did not get an e mail. Please, resend.


    Steve & Lisa

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    Default e mail

    No. I never received any e mail. please re send.

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    Default March 21-28

    My fiance' and I are going for the first time 3/21-28, we can't wait. We have read so many good things about CSS. We are in our 40's and are from the NY area.

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    Default Can't wait

    I am so looking forward. Even though we have been to other AI resorts, I don't think they are going to comare to CSS. It has been my experience that when someone says they are from the New York area, they do not live in NYC. Is that the case with you two? You can e mail us if you would like.

    I tried to find a bad review of CSS and could not. I originally purchased another resort for her Christmas gift, but I talked myself out of it with some of the reviews. After I started looking into this place, we fell in love with it.


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    Default Hi

    I will send you an e-mail.

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    Default Empty

    With such few responses, I guess the place is going to be empty. I guess those of us on here will have the place to ourselves.

    I can't wait for my first massage on arrival day. Less than 2 months. Yeah!


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    I agree Steve. Seems like there will be plenty of food and drink for us. 45 days and counting!

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    Me and my future husband will be enjoying Jamaica for our honeymoon the same week March 21st thru the 27th. Can not wait! We are both in our mid 20's and can not wait!

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding B&G. My fiance and I will be there the 21st thru 28th, can't wait. It will be our first time to Jamaica. Have heard great things about CSS.

    We are from NY and in our 40's.

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    Default We'll be at CSS 3/21 - 3/28

    Hey everyone,
    My girlfriend and I will be there that week too.
    I've done AI resorts, she hasn't. Done a great deal of research as well and really looking forward to CSS. See you at the bar.
    Joe and Elena

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    We will be there March 25th-April 1st. First timers (newbies)...We are both 42..planning on partying like Rock Stars...Can't wait to try a Bob Marley or 2.

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