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    Default Safes in Rooms at CSS?

    Hi all,
    We'll be at CSS for our first time in three weeks .. yes!! Anyway, quick questions -- my hubby would like to bring his netbook. I'm sure there are safes in the rooms. I wondered if anyone who had been there (recently) could answer this question. Are they similar to the ones at CTI? Can you create your own number to lock it or do they have a key. Are they big enough to put a netbook inside when done, for safekeeping? Just wanted to make sure we could lock it away when we weren't using. I'm making an assumption you can get internet access from the rooms. Is this accurate? Thanks for any info. :-)
    windsorgirl (christine)
    CSA (07,08)
    CTI (09)
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    To answer all your questions regarding the safes in your room @ CSS is yes excpet for can your husbands notebook fit in the safe? It depends on how big it is if it will fit

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    I don't think the safes at CSS will fit a notebook. and not all rooms receive wireless at CSS. Yes you program the safe with your code. Leave the notebook at home and use the internet cafe, there are other things to do in your room besides being online... lol

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    Hey, Windsorgirl:

    My wife and I got back from CSS in October, and were staying in a One Bedroom Beachfront Jacuzzi Suite, and we brought our ASUS 1005HA netbook, and it fit in the safe without any issues at all. In fact, we were able to get the netbook, our Canon Digital SLR, wallets, jewlery and passports in there with plenty of room to spare. They aren't huge, but if you have a laptop under 13", you shouldn't have any issues at all.

    The safe is programmed with your own 4-digit code, and WiFi worked great for us in the B building.

    Have a great time!
    I'm just here for the food... and the beach... and the drinks... and the entertainment... oh, yeah, and the suite... well, okay, and the sunshine... oh, and the staff, can't forget them.. Ah, heck, I'm here for it all.

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    You might be able to fit a NETbook in the safe but an average sized NOTEbook won't fit. Yes the safes are the same as CTI and you create your own combination. We've left a notebook plugged in to charge or in a drawer during several stays and there has never been a problem. You can get internet access from alot of the rooms but I don't think there is 100%coverage. There are at least three unsecured networks running around the resort and most of the rooms are close enough to get a signal from one of them. If you can't get access from the room you can carry the netbook to the vicinity of the lobby and use it there.

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    We disagree, we believe that your netbook take note NETBOOK not notebook will indeed fit in the safe!

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    We brought my Macbook and it fit in the safe with a little maneuvering. We were in Building D and had excellent WiFi. The safes are the ones where you put your own code in, but they are a bit old and we had a challenge setting the code and getting it to work for us. We just weren't pushing the numbers hard enough. So if you have problems, remember to push HARD!
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Default thanks

    Thanks for all the answers. Yes, we have a couple of laptops, but we're definately just looking to bring the netbook. It's small -- it sounds like the safes are like the ones at CTI, and we had room after wallets, jewelry, etc. to fit the netbook in there. I'm very excited now. Less than three weeks. We spent the day there on 'trading places' in August, but looking forward to making a new home for a week. We requested D or E block (I know, I know -- it's just a request .. lol), so it's good to know you could get access from D block, but if it doesn't work, there's definately the internet room at the resort. Hubby just would really like to bring it to use once in a while on the lobby. Thanks again for the input. :-)
    windsorgirl (Christine)

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    Does anyone know if you can get wifi in buildings g or d

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    Block G definitely gets a signal. You're close to both the lobby and administrative office networks.

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    WiFi in D block works great. Not sure about G block.but G block is right next to the lobby so chances are G block has WiFi as well

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