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    June 8th-13th any other mid 30's couples going?

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    Hi Rumrunners,
    There's a party of Brits arriving on the 8th for 2 weeks We're a mixed age group with the youngest being me (aged 30)... My fiance and I are getting married on the 16th so we've got friends and family joining us, there's a mixed bunch but we're very nice (honest)

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    Hi Lisa, it is a pleasure to meet you, congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding. We usually go to riviara maya, mexico every year for our anniversary around this time but we have decided to try somewhere different Have you guys ever been to couples negril before? counting down the days which I am sure you are as well


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    My fiance and I are both in our late 20's so I'm sure you'll find some others at our ages.

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    Hi Shirley,
    We had the pleasure of spending a week at CN back in 2007 and we had an amazing time... I can't compare to Mexico but I can tell you that the people at CN were friendly, the food was amazing (I had to put the gym to use) - basically it is a little piece of paradise on earth and we knew that we would have to get married there.
    I am so counting down and cannot wait. Our flight to Mo Bay arrives at 16:35 so we should be in resort early evening!!!

    105 days!

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    Me and my fiance will be there 6/1-6/12 - 31 & 29 yrs young! This is so cool to meet people who will be there the same time! We've never been - and are so excited!
    We decided to save our money for the honeymoon and are camping for our wedding May 28th! People think we're crazy, but they haven't been to CN and from what I'm reading we made the right choice to splurge on the Honeymoon instead!

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