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    Just got my new brochure and the chart of "freebies" at the back
    lists shopping shuttle for both CSA and CN. Used to be for only CN so is this a typo?

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    As far as I know, the shopping excursion is included at CSA. I don't recommend it though...too much time spent away from Couples and the types of things sold in the shops they take you to are the same things offered in the resort gift shops or at the airport. Prices aren't any better on the shopping trip either.

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    If I recall the post from the old MB there was discussion that at CSA that guests paid for the shopping trip and I believe it was said that the issue would be looked into. It is now included as a FREE Couples inclusion item.

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    Do you know what days and times it runs
    and where it goes, ie craft market, Sunshine Plaza, Times Square etc?

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    Just returned fron CN. We went to time square etc. We left at 10:00a.m. on Wednesday morning. Went to one mall and then to another. The first one had real jewelery stores, the next one had better prices on t-shirts etc. look around before buying you can always go back to the other stores before the bus leaves to go back to the resort.

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    I will be at CSS, as a first timer, in Oct. Does anyone know how long this shopping spree is going to last? My wife-to-be is really interested in the shopping trip, but it sounds like paradise at the resort. I'm troubled, that I wont want to be away from the resort for that long. Oh well, I guess this will be lesson #1, as a newly wed. Go shopping and don't complain right? I'm sure the beach is great, but I don't want to sleep out there all night! Jonathan&Nikki (Martinsburg,WV)

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    My bf and I were at CSS last April and did the shopping tour. I would say that it was maybe about 4 hours long. I felt like we had enough time to do some shopping, stop for a drink, and relax. We didn't ever want to feel rushed while on our trip. We also stopped in Margaritaville to check out the action. Ohh, and we didn't get haggled that much at the shops, which made it even more relaxing.

    As far as missing a day at the beach, our tour was in the afternoon, so we laid out in the morning.

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    Check with guest services when you arrive at CSS. They will tell you what days they offer the trip to the shopping mall downtown. If you are looking to purchase a big ticket item price the item at home first. Some of the deals are ok but you want to make sure you are getting the deal you think your are. If you are using the credit card don't forget the currency fee.

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