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    Default Randymon - you said that...

    The AN policy would be strictly enforced.

    At CTI in Jan we noticed that it was. A lady wanted to keep her bottoms on and when we mentioned it to the staff - she was informed of the policy and she conformed and decided to stay on the Island totally AN and did so for the length of our stay.

    we then went to CSS. It was great up until the last day when a man decided he would have his towel around his waist at all times. when playing drinking games, walking around and even laying down in the shade! we complained and nothing happened. We were told that this was OK???? No way man! A towel is more cover up than a bathing suit!

    Bottom line here is if that is allowed, people follow. Other's in his party started covering up walking around etc. That is not the way it should be in an all AN setting.

    We want your resorts to stay AN.

    We are thinking of going back in April but want to know if towel cover up is OK when on the beach or Island.

    Given your strict policy are we right in complaining????

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    randy is it ok to use a towel as a cover up while on the AN beach
    What is the proper protocol to raise this issue ?
    Who should the OP have addressed on this issue ? I am sure you do not want patrons addressing other patrons that could be a lil uneasy

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    No cover ups of any description please, towels or otherwise. It will be a fast well-greased slide into clothing optional areas.

    If, for example, someone has gotten a sunburn on their more delicate areas and they need to cover them up to keep them out of the sun, they can that so really well on the textile beaches.

    Let's keep it simple... It's AN or you can't be on that beach/island etc. Otherwise how can staff be expected to manage who can cover up and who can't.

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    I cover myself up all the time when on the AN beach.

    SPF 35 works wonders but the feet still toast.

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    Default Taking advantage

    I think that all of us AN veterans have seen people from time to time wrap up in a towel, for one reason or another. At SSB, it's not unusual for someone to wrap a towel around their waist while sitting and eating lunch at the bar. I have no problem with this, however, it sounds like this guest and others in their party were wrapping up in order to "look around".

    I think that Couplese needs to step up to this and enforce what they say is their policy. By doing this, they will make everyone on the beach comfortable. If those that wrap in towels are uncomfortable, then they will leave the beach/island, problem solved.

    45 days and counting, and I won't be wrapping!!!

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    From what I understand, you should never confront others about this, always take it to a staff member to address.

    The only exception I've heard is "time of month" issues.

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    To be clear, we never raised the issue directly with folks on SSB. we worked through the staff that were there and did it veryquietly. Would never confront another guest.

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    I have to chime in here about anytime you are sitting on something... I ALWAYS sit on a towel if on a bar stool or a lounger, etc. (obvious exception is the swim up bar stools)...
    No offense, but I'd rather not sit bare butted on a hard surface just vacated by another bare butt!
    And strangely enough, I find eating nude to be strange for me... drinking and sunning are great, but eating nude just feels weird to me.

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    I'll have to agree about keeping it AN here- last December one day I caught a chill when the sun went behind the clouds and wanted to cover up - I did - felt like I felt extremely out of place and ended up disrobing immediately. Nobody said anything to me and I had been AN on SSB for 3-4 days by then but I just felt like I was "breaking the rules".

    There in my opinion is nothing wrong with sitting on a towel at the bar but wrapping yourself up in it is another issue. I noticed one woman wear a very small bottom cover up when she got up to get her food - I asked her why as she had a beautiful body and shouldn't cover it up and she stated it was more of a "nude/food" issue. LOL She dd take it of when she got back to her beach chair.

    Maybe the man in the towel had a "shrinkage" issue.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    On our first trip to SSB a man hid under a towel while his wife did not. On a second trip a woman hid under a towel most of the time (four out five days we saw them) while her husband did not, and our third trip there was a couple that often, not always hid under a towel when walking around. Then I realized(after a couple of days) they only did it when getting food or drinks.In all cases my reaction was none at all.
    I'm naked enjoying warm humid sunny weather, and I really don't much care what anyone else is doing. I was more concerned about the Sandels Glass Bottom boat stopping off SSB three times in one day. If it was one time I would have just shaken it off,twice raised an eyebrow as in; what's this? The third time time my wife got a little ticked. I don't want to be a tourist attraction, and therefore I mentioned it to SanSouci Mngt, and we didn't see another boat from Sandels stop there for the rest of our stay.

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    Got reassurance today that SSB will remain truly AN. The customer service and GM from this resort and company is top notch. No question about it. Looking forward to March 26th! YA MAN when we are back home at CSS and of course SSB.

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