The AN policy would be strictly enforced.

At CTI in Jan we noticed that it was. A lady wanted to keep her bottoms on and when we mentioned it to the staff - she was informed of the policy and she conformed and decided to stay on the Island totally AN and did so for the length of our stay.

we then went to CSS. It was great up until the last day when a man decided he would have his towel around his waist at all times. when playing drinking games, walking around and even laying down in the shade! we complained and nothing happened. We were told that this was OK???? No way man! A towel is more cover up than a bathing suit!

Bottom line here is if that is allowed, people follow. Other's in his party started covering up walking around etc. That is not the way it should be in an all AN setting.

We want your resorts to stay AN.

We are thinking of going back in April but want to know if towel cover up is OK when on the beach or Island.

Given your strict policy are we right in complaining????