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    Default Mochas, Lattes, etc at CTI?

    Hello everyone!
    First and foremost...we love Blue mountain coffee and will be enjoying ALOT of it while at CTI...

    I was just wondering if there is anywhere at the resort where you can get specialty coffee drinks such as lattes, mochas, espresso, etc? We were there May 2009 just after the re-opening and didn't see anything like this, but I was reading a review on Tripadvisor and someone mentioned a coffee bar at CTI. Just wondered if this is something that had been added since out last trip?

    Countdown 39 more days until we arrive in paradise! Can't wait


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    They have self service coffe machines that make the mochas,lattes etc. They are Nestles machine and I do not believe they use Bleu Mt. Coffee., but the coffee drinks that they produce are very tasty

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    There is a new logo shop down by the beach not far from watersports that has a wonderful coffee bar. You can get mochas, lattes espressos etc. hot or iced. They are made for you on the spot (not from a machine). They have good cookies too! Enjoy.

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    Hi Sueboo,

    Does this logo shop belong to Couples or is it an independant, I'm very excited I'm an avid coffee drinker and although I love Blue Mountain it's nice to have a change now and again.


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    I'm so happy they are doing the mocha/coffee bar or whatever they call it. They were "testing" it when my husband and I were there in June/July. I so wanted a coffee late at night, but when I went there they weren't running it yet. We just happened to pop into the logo shop the day they were making them, and as far as I know they are made for you-not from a machine that you can easily get at Casey's. I wonder how many people know what Casey's is....

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    Is the coffee bar included or do you charge the coffee to your room?

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    From my understanding it was included, just like going up to the bar and ordering a Bob Marley.... But, maybe I'm assuming....

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    The logo shop is part of Couples and staffed by Couples employees so the coffee is free. I'm not sure what hours they are open.

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