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    Default Banana Smoothie Recipe

    While my wife and I were at Couples Negril (and Couples Swept Away), there was this amazing banana smoothie recipe. It was written at various locations where they make smoothies: on the beach, at pool bars, at the sports complex at Swept Away. I meant to write it down so I make the smoothie at home, but I forgot.

    Can someone please post the recipe for me? I don't want just another banana smoothie recipe that you can find online. I want the one from the Couples resorts as they were AMAZING.


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    If you're talking about the "Dirty Banana", its made with a banana, some milk, and some secret ingredient ;-) . I believe (I forget) it was Kahlua or some such.

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    No, I wasn't speaking of the dirty banana. At several of the drink locations, they had a rotating drink menu, and many of them had recipes right there! On their smoothie menu, they had a banana smoothie and the recipe right there. I meant to write it down and then forgot. If someone could look at it and put it up here for me, that'd be awesome!


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    I looked up Dirty Banana earlier and this was the recipe

    1oz ea Khalua, creme de bananas, creme de cacao
    6 ice cubes and two scoops vanilla ice cream
    blend together

    It was a tad to sweet for me.

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    Ok... so I'm not looking for the dirty banana recipe. I'm looking specifically for the banana smoothie recipe at the couples resorts in Jamaica. Does anyone know this recipe or can anyone find it out for me?


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    Just looking at some pics on flickr and there was a menu for the mineral bar.

    I saw this

    1 Ripe Banana
    1oz Soy Milk
    2oz Fresh Orange Juice
    2oz Plain Yoghurt
    2tbsp Honey

    Could this be it. If it is thanks go to Jeffmon

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    When we were at CSA one morning we had a beer and banana smoothie. Is that the one you are thinking of?:

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    This actually looks like it! I knew it had soy milk and honey, but I wasn't sure about the rest of it or the amounts of each. Thanks! I'll be sure to write it down somewhere and start making it at home.


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    For anyone who's interested, Rosa and I have at least one smoothie just about every weekend, and the ones we make are not only super tasty, but relatively low cal as well, being we don't sweeten ours with sugar or honey. Here's one of our favorites:

    Peach-Mango-Banana Smoothie

    1 cup frozen peaches
    1 cup frozen mango
    1 cup plain, fat free yogurt (Greek style preferred)
    1 cup cold filtered or spring water
    1 banana
    Sweetener to taste*

    Blend all ingredients until smooth. Makes approximately two 16oz servings, about a 150 calories each serving.

    *Sweetener is whatever brand you prefer. We tend to use either Splenda or Truvia (aka Stevia), as neither leaves any funky aftertaste and both are zilch with the calories.

    And for those who prefer their smoothies completely vegan, simply substitute the yogurt with silken tofu.

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    I try to take pictures of all the recipes and things while we are at the resort for this very reason. Glad my photos could help.
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    Your pictures were great, however what be really good is a picture of G block as I still haven't worked out whichit is.

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    Hi kazd and Jeffmon,
    I just made that bananna smoothie for breakfast. It was fantastic. Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Banana Smoothie

    Source: Masala TV

    Made with yogurt, this drink is both refreshing and nourishing. To tell when a banana is ripe, look for tiny brown spots, called sugar spots, on the peel.

    1 ripe banana
    1/2 c. nonfat yogurt
    1 tbsp. sugar (or to taste)
    1 tbsp. banana liqueur (optional)
    1 c. crushed ice
    1 tsp. fresh lime juice
    lime wedge or banana slice, for garnish
    Combine the first 6 ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour the smoothie into a large glass and garnish with a lime wedge or banana slice. Serves 1.

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    It was fantastic.

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