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    Default Pools at Couples Negril

    I have seen people say that the pool closes at 5:00pm. Is this the main pool? Are the other pools to swim in or do you just go to the beach? We will be there end of June and beginning of July so it could be pretty hot and will need an evening dip.

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    The pool essentially is closed when it is being cleaned. We have on many nights slipped into the main pool and have had it to ourselves and NO ONE said a word. The hot tubs are open also except for when they are being cleaned.

    The main beach is not lite up so it is extremely DARK on the beach and at night the sand fleas have a tendency to come out and will give you an irritating bite.

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    The only time the Couples pools close is when they are being cleaned.

    The only thing that happens at 5:00 happens at CSS when the Nude Beach changes over to Sunset Beach (clothed) for the Sunset.

    No worries for an evening dip.

    Happy Travels.

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    The swim up bars are only open until about 5 PM even though the pools don't really close execpt for cleaning and treating

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    One of our favorite things to do on our first night at the resort is swim in the pool until all hours of the night. Im just trying to figure out how to get beer!!!!

    A very helpful person on this board suggested bring the water caraffe(sp) down to the pool and the lovely people at the cassava terrace would fill it for us.

    If that dosnt work I"ll just clean out the fridge in the room.

    The pool at CN is so pretty at night. I love swimming in it with my husband.

    40 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Love,

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    I am very surprised to learn that others swim in the pool at CN after 7pm. The signs clearly state that the pools are closed from 7 pm to 9 am, and when we were there earlier this month no one was in the pool or the hot tubs after 7 pm.

    Several of us wanted to swim after dinner but we were afraid we'd be kicked out of the pools. Why would Couples have signs that say pools are closed after 7pm if it's really ok to swim in the evenings?

    I'd love to see an official response from Couples as to whether it is ok to swim in the pools during the hours specified as "closed" on the pool signs?

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