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    Default Customs???

    The last time I left the country was when I was 17 and needless to say, I need some updates on customs procedures.

    My fiance, myself and my 73 year old father in-law are traveling together.

    We fly from STL-ATL. We are supposed to have a little over 1 hour layover, which scares me to death, since I believe you go through customs in ATL. Is this true?

    Is there anything I can do ahead of time to make this process simpler, quicker? I'm afraid we will miss our flight to MBJ

    I don't care about the way back, as we have more time, but I don't want to have any chance we miss our flight to MBJ with our short layover.

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    You don't go through customs in the US as you are leaving. Once you arrive in MBJ you will first go through Immigration, then Baggage Claim, then Customs. No worries! (US Customs is on the way back, once you land)
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    You will not go thru customs from STL to ATL on your trip to Jamaica. You will go thru Jamaican Customs in Jamaica. In the states you will have to deal with TSA security which you will experience their games in STL as you begin your trip.

    Plan to get to STL a few hours early to deal with the security issues that you will need to pass thru.

    On your return trip if you stop at ATL then STL you will go thru customs at ATL on your return.

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    You won't go through customs on your way to Jamaica until you actually land at MBJ. So be happy that you only have an hour layover. The sooner you can be enjoying a red stripe! Then you will go through customs in the US on your way back home. So nothing to worry about! Enjoy!

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    You pass through customs as you ENTER a country... not as you exit.

    So your concern is on the wrong end of your trip. Check your itinerary to make sure you have adequate time between your first arrival in the US and your connecting flight.

    Relax and enjoy...

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