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    What drinks are served at the sports bar at CSA? Are they strictly non-alchoholic or can you get beer & drinks with alchohol in them? Also, what time does the sports bar close? I haven't found any info on this anywhere. Thanks

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    Don't know when the bar closes, but its no longer a "full service" bar. You can get a beer there, I know, and in our opinion, they have the BEST smoothies on the property!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    No hard alcohol - Smoothies, Juice etc.
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    We were at CSA a few weeks ago, and Bob liked to hang out at the Sports Bar while I would get spa treatments. They do serve beer (Red Stripe and Guiness), but no hard liquor. They are famous for their smoothies. They also have flavor-infused waters, Vitamin Water, and those types of drinks. Not sure how late they were open though, sorry.

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    Thanks to all.

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    We had some delicious Guinnesses there last year, and I am sure we will do the same this year! 19 days until we arrive!

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    Yep, I had the concoction they made me w/ Guinness in it! Hubby & I were there last August & would have the big TV they had to ourselves. The staff was awesome!

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