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    Default horseback riding at couples negril

    does anyone know if horseback riding on the beach is offered at Couples Negril? If so, who offers it (Couples or private) and what is the cost?

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    We were there last June. I never saw any horses on the beach.

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    Yes they do, you need to see the tour desk when you arrive. Enclosed is the information from 2006.
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    It's an outside company but the Tour Desk can set it all up for you.

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    Couples does not offer it, but there will be tour desk at the resort to book off site excursions. Couples does not allow individuals to post names for outside tours. Sorry. Google or Goodsearch it and I am sure you find something.

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    There is no horseback riding on the beach (Bloody Bay) at CN. There might be horseback riding on the beach (Long Bay) at CSA, but I didn't see anyone doing it.

    Couples does not offer the option of horseback riding at any of the Negril resorts. I'm not sure who does offer it, but if it is allowed (on Long Bay) then the front desk would have information and be able to help you find an outfitter and to make reservations.
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    Hi there,
    We went to CSA 2 years ago, and we did the horseback riding that was off property. It was great, and we'd recommend it.
    It was a sunset ride, through a plantation, down to a beach area. Then they changed the horses' saddles and we not only went on the beach, we went IN the water!! The horses actually swam- it was like flying, so awesome.

    Just go to the tour desk and they will book it. I believe it was under $100 for the 2 of us, sorry I can't remember the exact $ amount. The price included the taxi to/from the plantation.

    One word of advice- bring bug spray or wipes. Enjoy!

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    Default horseback riding at negril

    Thanks everyone for the great information! It sounds awesome & riding on the beach is something I've always wamted to do.

    Oh- do you need to wear sneakers????

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    We have been on a off-site horseback riding tour as well. We went on a different tour than labbielove. We did a Ride 'N Swim in Sandy Bay, which is quite a drive back towards Montego Bay; it was nearly a full day excursion.

    I would NOT recommend the tour I went on for a couple of reasons. For one, the horse back riding in the water was not a good experience because it took place in a BAY and when horses need to relieve themselves it sometimes occurs IN the water. Those horses are circling in that bay multiple times a day - week - etc. I wanted to disinfect myself after getting out of the water. Just my opinion...

    It sounds like like the plantation tour is the way to go! The tour desk will have all the info. They do take credit cards for most excursions and there is an ATM at the resort.

    Yes, I would wear tennis shoes.

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