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    Default Live music at breakfast CSA

    Does the two brothers - cello and guitar - still play live music at breakfast at CSA ?
    It was sooo wonderful !

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    I've never seen that in 6 previous visits... sounds really nice, though.

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    There was a guy playing a cello a couple of mornings during the week. It was the first time that we had seen this. We really enjoyed the live music during our breakfast.

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    Yes, we have always enjoyed that too....
    except Lincoln was leaving for a European trip, so it depends when you are going, but normally they are there some days at Breakfast
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    Just returned from CSA a few days ago and yes the musicians are there for breakfast. They are fantastic and what a wonderful way to begin each day in paradise!

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    They were there when we were at CSA a few weeks ago - cellist and keyboarist. They didn't play every morning, but they were there most days. It was lovely.

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    Was that at the Palms or Patois?

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    On stage at the Palms.

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    The live music is at the Palms. We were just there last week, and that was one of the nicer touches, I thought, as well. Very classy resort!

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    The Palms

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    Thanks all. That really sound great, a real touch of class and a great way to start your day in paradise. We've stayed at CN & CSS many times and they didn't have this. CSA first timers 36 days!!!!

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