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    Default Anyone at Couples right now?

    Is there anyone on here who is at Couples at this present time, if so what is the weather like? We arrive in just over 48 hours and its -2 and extreamly frosty outside here in sunny but cold England.
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    Here is the local weather from the Negril area.

    You can rest assured that the weather will defrost you. It is highly suggested that towards the end of your stay that you consume a few Bob Marleys for the return home. Some refer them to anti freeze drinks.

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    Default arrive 23rd

    We arrive on the 23rd. We're from England but live in France now.
    Freezing here too and looking forward to not seeing snow for 2 weeks!!!!!
    Weather looks great from what I can see .....high 70s /80s
    and doesn't really drop much.
    Which resort are you staying in?
    We are at Couples Sans Souci.
    Hannah xxxxx

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