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    Default Blue Mt.Coffee for my welcome bags

    Does anyone know how much Blue Mt.Coffee sells for and what size is the smallest size? I will be getting married at CTI and would like to put in guest welcome bags....

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    You might want to ask housekeeping if they have any small room size bags. The ones they sell in the gift shop are 1 pound bags and the last time we purchased coffee it was $24.
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    I don't know how many people you have attending your wedding, but real Blue Mountain Coffee is not cheap! I love the idea though.

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    I have seen 8 and 12 bags, I thought, in the gift shop. You might also check with them (the gift shop) to see if they have small, preground sample packs.

    Mzambo is right, though, Blue Mountain (the real stuff) can get pricey, even on the island...

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    When we were at CSA last August, the smallest bag was 5 bucks. And it ain't cheap! lol

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    Congratulations on getting married. I think coffee in the welcome bag is a wonderfull idea.
    The smallest bag is 2 oz (I bring it back as a gift for friends) although its not as good value as the pound bags. But they are nicely packages with vacuum seal and canvas bag - Jablum which is our favorite.
    We recommend going to shop 26 at Taj Mahal. If you do the shopping trip they give you a map. Its the store in the middle. I can't remember the exact name but its like "Palace Gifts" or something.
    At that store we bought in bulk (coffee, rum cream and rum cake). That's how you get the best deal.
    So now to the price. The ticket price was 5.99. I think we paid 4 dollars each. The pound coffee is 15 dollars if you barter.
    Ask for Rick or Dennis and tell them Sue from Toronto, Canada said that they would get a good deal.
    Buy your own souvenirs like coffee or liquor at the same time and you should get a good price (not sure if $4/bag is too much).
    Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions let me know.

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    The Coffee for the rooms are those cheap one-use filter packs.

    There are small $5 bags sold in the Airport Departures area, but you can't access those shops as an Arriving passenger. If you can get out into town, you might be able to find those somewhere else.

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    They sell smaller than a pound (I think 1/2 pound) and it runs around $16.
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    Default blue mountain coffee

    Nancy and i could pick up the little bags in ochi for around $5 but that was last year the bags would make around 4-6 pots depending on your strength of brew you will find them in the stores in Negril or duty free shops.............have fun and enjoy John -N-Nancy

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    you can get small sizes (1 pot size) in the csa gift need to get the 1 pound bag....

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    CTI logo shop had small bags that were around $5 back in October. I got some for people at work.

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    THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP : ) Iriesue I will try there, I had also got an estimate from someone for $14 2oz Jablum coffee and small bottle of appleton rum..... we are also putting small sunblock, domino game, playing cards, small tortuga rum cake, sun and sand candle, Jamaican postcard for our guest to send back to us with there favorite memory of the week.....

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    I wish I was one of your guests (boy are they lucky). You can get the small rum cakes at the store as well. Another option to the bottle of appleton rum is "Sangsters Rum Cream" -if you have not tried it, it is the best and very Jamaican. (note the similarity between the name of the rum cream and the name of the Montego Bay airport). Good luck with your bartering, you should get a great deal.
    Please let me know how you do (and how your guests like it).
    Best wishes for the big day.

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