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    My husbands birthday will be while we're in CN. Any suggestions on something special to do for him?

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    At Swept Away, my Wife called, I think room service, or whatever they call it. When we had the morning coffee and fruit brought, it was a full tray of fruit, a bottle of champagne, orange juice, eggs benedict, 6 balloons, and pastries. It was really something. I had no idea. I saw the guy walking up and I said, I wonder where he's taking that. Well I found out!

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    Talk to the head chef. He will do something special.
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    Once you arrive, you can also ask the front desk if you can organize a private cooking lesson or even a massage class.
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    Wake him up in that special way!

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    We left our TA know that we were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, and when we checked into the room, there was a very nice surprise waiting for us. No other resort ever did anything like that. Just that little touch made think how wonderful a resort and all the staff really are. We were at CN and as usual it was great. 73 days and counting.
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    Pack some birthday cards in your suitcase. I usually give my husband about 3. You can place one somewhere in the room as a surprise that morning. Then on the beach pull out another one. At dinner that night hand him the last one. I try to do it sneakily...if he gets up to go to the buffet I quickly place it beside his coffee cup. Or on the beach and he goes into the water I might place it on his chair.

    I'm sure the Concierge will help with other ideas. Maybe have someone write Happy Birthday on his plate at dinner...

    It will be a wonderful birthday just being there!

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    We were at CN for my birthday last year and had reservations for Otaheite. The Mrs went up to guest services and told them (without telling me). For a minor charge, they delivered a cake and sang to me after our dinner. Was VERY NICE. Just explains again why I love the Mrs so.

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