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    We just returned from CSS and are already planning next year's trip there! At the main beach bar one evening we had Appleton rum on ice. It was Couples top shelf rum. We thought it was XO grade but we can't find it where we live. Anyone know which grade it would be?


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    Appleton VX Good Stuff!!! 94 days....... it tastes better on the island

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    VX, the blend of 5 and 10 year old is readily available.
    Reserve, the 8 year old is usually available
    The 12 year old Estate is sometimes available.
    I can even find the 21 year stuff around here.

    There is also the regular white or amber base version which is good for making a big recipe of punch or the like for a summer party.

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    Thanks Jeff. We'll check for sure next year

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    Oh my! In 40 days I also will enjoy my Appleton at CSS (yes, it does taste better there). However, it can be found in the states. Our local liquor stores keep Appleton Special and Appleton VX. I have also been able to get the 12 year blend, but it's harder to find. A restaurant that we frequent also now keeps some on hand. Appleton just has a distinct flavor that doesn't compare to any other rum!

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    My hubby LOVES his Appleton and Diet Coke. I have found it a couple of times at our local Bevmo.

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