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    Default Any input on CSA Great House Jacuzzi Suites?

    My husband and I will be at CSA in April. We booked a Great House Verandah Jacuzzi Suite. I believe there are only 4 on the property and I am having a hard time finding info from people who have seen or stayed in them. Any photos, or info would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you~


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    They are gorgeous and HUGE with great views, as they are on the two top floors of the Greathouse....
    ...the Jacuzzi is in the bathroom ( some hotels have them in the living area )

    You won't be disappointed

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    Hubby and I have a Great House Jacuzzi Suite booked for 02/27 to 03/06. I will try to get a post on after we have been there. I have been looking for info on same for a while and just not alot out there. I am sure we will not disappointed!!

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    Thanks ladies!!!! We are so excited!!!
    I'm looking forward to reading all the reviews I can
    in the meantime!

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    We loved our GHJS!

    Amazing views without the foot traffic that you get with the beachfront rooms. I loved getting ready in the bathroom with the window open to a beautiful view!

    Here are a few pics of the view and bathroom. The bathroom also has a shower and toliet just couldn't get it in the picture.
    Attached Images Attached Images        

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    The jacuzzi looks kinda small... is that just the angle from the camera?

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    The tub isn't huge. Not small but not oversized either. Honestly we never used the tub. Even though the room is marketed as "greathouse jacuzzi suite" it's best features are the view, roominess and location.

    We actually have this room booked again for our March trip

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    It will not fit 2 people. Kind of small.

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    We had a Greathouse Jacuzzi suite last month (we'd always had beachfront verandah suites before).

    The jacuzzi is plenty big for one, but it is definitely not built for 2. The shower is very large and has a window for fresh air, which is lovely.

    There is also a wet bar in the living area, which is a nice touch - it gave us a place to rinse our cups and glasses after using the minibar.

    We really did enjoy the room - you can still hear the waves, but lots of privacy. We also liked how we could easily get to the computer lounge, Aura, Patois, Feathers, etc.

    The hallways in the Greathouse are not carpeted, so the maid carts do make some noise rolling around. However, we are early risers, so this was never a problem for us.

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    It seems that you guys had a great fun at this place, Hot tub bath is the best thing to relax yourself. Luxury walk in tubs are the key features many jacuzzi suites you should have tried this at-least once.

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    Stayed 3 times, after last one wont again. No foot traffic but you get the speakers from the pool bar at full volume from 8am on or earlier. Not relaxing even if not trying to sleep in some. And the bar is not even open yet. Complaining to front desk did not help. It's part of some goofy resort wide system on timers I understand.

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