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    Yo fishstory. I was just reviewing the threads and remembered you/SO and two other couples will be at CN when we arrive in the late morning or early afternoon on 4/17. Hopefully we'll meet up at the swim up bar. Seems a good as place as any to meet someone to not only celebrate your team's SB win, but to also talk some Nawlins with you guys.

    Rosa and I have pretty much decided that next year we want to make a return visit to the Big Easy. And I'd say it's about time considering that we last visited there I believe in '90 or '91. We were there for the first week of Mardi Gras and had such a great time, we vowed to return in a couple of years. Well those couple of years have turned into more than 20, so enough is enough. We're jonesin to get back. Not sure we'll go during Mardi Gras tho, maybe we'll take advantage of cheaper rates and stuff by going there after it's over.

    But that's for future discussion. The most important thing is to meet, hoist a few (dozen) in honor of your Saints, and just have a good ol' time. Hope to run into you guys.

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    Hey Ron you bet we will be at the swim-up bar as soon as we get there. Let me warn you once you get us talking you might end up drinking more than a dozen. Counting days.

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