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    Default CSA Flag Service??

    Hi there, another quick question-

    From looking at the panoramic shot of the resort, I can see the Sundown Beach Bar. Is this where your flag service initiates from? It seems like such a large beach to be serviced by one bar. Is there another beach bar that handles flag service?

    OOh, another question- Can any of you repeaters tell me about the Shipwreck Beach Party?

    Also,lol, I knew there would be more-have any of you brought a couple of your own beachtowels just to have an extra one?

    I really appreciate all your help, guys. 19 days and counting!!


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    "have any of you brought a couple of your own beachtowels just to have an extra one?"

    Not necessary. If you find you want an extra one, buy a souvenir towel along the beach and help the local economy,

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    There is another beach bar on the Great House side that has flag service too. No need for the extra beach towel. We skipped the Beach Party so I can't help you with that.

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    Well Penny, the beach bars are quite spread out. So is the beach at SweptAway. It takes a few people to monitor those flags, and the service (which I call "tip-up service", being from Wisconsin and all) originates from all (well both) of the beach bars.

    The beach party is on Friday nights. They set up tables and chairs, a HUGE buffet, and an entertainment stage on the beach near the Palms. In the event of inclement weather, the party is moved indoors to the Palms.

    Towels, no worries. Use as many as you wish (one at a time is allowed), just exchange at the watersports shack for fresh. That's not to say you shouldn't or can't bring your own. Its up to you. Its just that there is no compelling reason to bring any.

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    There are two bars on the beach doing flag service. Never had to wait more than 10 minutes for someone to show up.

    The Shipwreck Beach party on Friday night was not something we enjoyed. They set up tables of 8-10 on the beach and have all the food outside as a buffet. We found the food to be not as hot as we would have liked and it was an awful scrum to try and find a place at a table. We don't really like enforced conversation so are not fans of sitting at large tables with folk we don't know. Also once you'd found a seat we could really only return to the buffet one at a time otherwise someone would have taken our seat - not conducive to a relaxing dinner. Others seemed to be having a great time though, so don't go just by what we say.
    The entertainment after dinner was awesome though - fire, limbo etc - spectacular.

    There's no need to bring extra beach towels. Just go ask for some at the watersports hut. Nobody was checking and we didn't have to have a ticket at checkout. In fact we checked out at 11am and kept our towels to use until we left for our flight at 3pm. No worries!!

    You'll have a fab time.

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    wow... I learned something new. 2 years ago when I went to CSA they did not have red flag service. Last year at CN we did enjoy the red flag service. This year in June we are returning to CSA and look forward to Red Flag Service

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    Something to think about when bringing your own towels, they do get dirty and there is no way to wash them, so you would need to bring several towels for your stay. Use the ones at the resort, it is a whole lot less hassle than bringing your own.
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    If I remember correctly the red flags at CSA are actually green flags, but they work just as well !
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