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    Does anyone know whether there is enough shade on the Sans Souci beaches for those of us who burn quite easily yet enjoy sitting on the beach ??


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    We strolled onto the beach at 9 am got a palapa, all to ourselves. There are also palm trees to stay under. I'd say if you want shade, you can definitely find it.

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    See for yourself if this suits you or not. The AN beach on the other side is almost the same except without suits.
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    Yes, loads of shade always.. in face you had to pull your lounger out close to the water to get the sun later after noon. You'll love CSS

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    Plenty of huts. My husband spent 98% of his vacation under one. I, on the other hand, pulled my lounger into the sun not too far from him.
    Have a wonderful trip, you will love CSS!

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    There is plenty of shade on SSB if you choose to go AN.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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