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Thread: Windy at CTI?

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    Default Windy at CTI?

    We've been to CN two times, and loved it. We decided to try CTI this year at the end of March. I've read some reviews that indicate CTI is windy, to the point where sports are cancelled. Is that maybe just the time of year, or is CTI generally more windy than CN because of it's location? Are we talking nice breeze, or is it pretty windy? I'm not a big fan of the wind... Thanks!

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    CTI has more wind then Negril because of the location. The wind also keeps the area dry and bug free. The wind is just a breeze, not a blowing type unless a storm is near.
    Irie Mon

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    It is no different than the wind in Negril. If the weather is windy it is generally windy in Ocho Rios No more or no less

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    Like yourselves we have been to CN, but are going to CTI this year. I've been reading the same thing myself about the watersports being regularly cancelled due to wind. I hope this isn't true as my hubby will be so disappointed if his diving keeps getting cancelled.

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    Last Oct we managed to dive on days that were a little stormy and the other water sports got canceled.

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    Nobody can predict the weather but, YES IT IS often windier in Ocho Rios than Negril - we have been in both areas on the same day and seen a definite difference.

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    Thanks much for your replies!

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    Just because water sports get a red flag day, doesn't always mean the same thing for scuba diving. The dive master will choose dive sites based on the weather and visibility so there are lots of times that diving may run while something like glass bottom boat or snorkeling may not.

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    In our several visits to CTI (All in early April), we have experienced everything from choppy seas (that earned the cat cruise a nickname for our group) to glass-smooth water. On our last visit, there were a few days that were too windy for some of the water sports, but our dive boat did go out on those days. The only time we have had dives canceled were immediately following a storm when the visibility was too low.
    E. Lee Cunningham
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    We went to both CTI & CN a few weeks ago. The weather at CTI was changeable and quite windy. When we transferred to CN, the weather was beautiful with no wind and very calm seas. On the way back to the airport, we noriced that as soon as we turned onto the north coast, the sea seemed to become a lot rougher. The prevailing winds come from the NE so CTI gets a lot of the wind straight onto the beach. CN, being westerly facing, is more protected.

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    In all the years that we have gone, we have never experienced anything other than a gentle breeze. We go in January though, I don't know if that makes a difference.

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    My husband and I just returned from CTI last week. There was some incliment weather that had been moving through and was just heading out the day we arrived. It was rainy and windy, and the following day was off-and-on sun and breezy. The resort is situated to where there is always some air movement, but I do NOT like wind, and I was perfectly content. When the sun comes out and it is HOT, the gentle breeze is welcomed! ENJOY!

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    Just left CTI yesterday at 11:00am after spending a week. During our stay 4 of 7 days were "red flagged" meaning - no water sports, no trips to the island. We got by, but were wondering if the conditions would have been the same in Negril?? We had stayed at CSA on other occasions and only remember one "red flag" day. I was happy enough that Saturday was a yellow flag day and was able to participate in the two tank dive. Cool shallow water wreck and nice reef.


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    We are hoping for the best. This is our first trip back to CTI since the remodel. First one two years ago was wet and windy but we got out diving three of the days. After two years going to CN, we decided to try CTI again so hopefully we'll meet up on the boat at the end of March

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