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    Default Question about AN and pregnancy

    I hope this doesnt sound bad but I want to know if pregnant women are ever on TI or SSB? My husband and I love TI but I just found out that I am pregnant. We wanted to go SSB this spring but I will be about 5 months along. The thought of being nude on the beach is so appealing right now because I have had such a rough 1st trimester but I dont want to offend anyone or be performing an unknown "taboo". Just wanted to know if this is acceptable.

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    I would say go for it. IMO Nothing more beautiful than a woman with child. As long as your Doc says you can fly out of the country...enjoy!!

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    No worries on SSB. All kinds of body types are there. We met a women who had both breasts removed due to breast cancer and she was comfortable.

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    No way is that taboo.. nothing more sweet then a pregnant belly!
    Enjoy the freedom while you can.. .. and have a ball!

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    I went to Mexico at 26 weeks with my hubby and 27 weeks with my girlfriends. I wore a bikini the whole time and noticed a few odd looks but mostly positive comments. The first day I got in the sand and dug out a whole for my belly so I could sun my back I will caution you though I am Italian and usually never burn but I was bright red after one day in the sun and my "pregnancy mask" appeared on my face that first day and never went away (finally got rid of it with some very expensive creams and peels!). So be extra careful and wear lots of sunscreen.


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    No problem, but I would look at CSS because getting in and out of the boat my be hard for you. You have to climb down a ladder to get into the boat and to get out sometimes it tricky. I always see someone find the soft sand at the island and fall down into to the water. I even saw it with the new floating dock at the island in 2009. CSS you just walk in and you if need help they will drive you to the area.
    Irie Mon

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    Thanks for the input! I feel much better and cant wait!
    Jon1963 you make a good point about CTI, the ladder would be a little difficult. We actually conceived in December at CTI but I am looking forward to going to CSS.

    Thanks again!

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    I think pregnant women are HOT maybe I shouldn't say that but what ever. If you are OK with it then do it.

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    Default Wife was at TI at 7 months

    I took my wife to COS (now CTI) on our honeymoon. I convinced her to try TI then. We have been back to couples once a year since and the only time we missed a year was when she was nine months pregnant. But we have had two kids and she was 7 months pregnant on TI with our first child. Her looks did not bother her because even at 7 months there are people out there sporting bellies equal to hers.

    As was stated before, if your doctor will let you fly, don't miss coming back home (to couples).

    We will see you all on TI March 27-April 4 to celebrate our 10th year anniversary and the renewal of our wedding vows.

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    I thought about this too bc my husband and I were thinking about having a baby. But I decided I'd wait until after our trip. But if you are pregnant...oh well. It's natural and you will just need to be confident and happy with yourself. Pregnancy...although not always beautiful. Enjoy yourself.

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    Thanks for asking this question! I searched all over this thread awhile ago for someone asking a question like yours!
    We are hoping to be preggers by next winter and are thinking about a return to CSS and SSB. Been there 3 times and no place else we go ever measures up!

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    Last November at SSB there was a pregnant lady and there wasn't any problem with it at all. Go for it!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    go for it. don't worry about what anyone thinks. If you are comfortable in you own skin, the do it. I do agree that walking to SSB may be easier for you than taking the boat to tower island, the watersports guys at CTI are great and if you need them to beach the island boat for you to board instead of the ladder, they are quite accomodating
    CTI/April Amigos

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    DONT WORRY about being 5 mos. along or whichever,,,,you'll look GREAT!!!!

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