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    I am not a big fan of coffee as in the fresh kind, I prefer my coffee to come out of a jar in granual form on the rare occasion that I drink it. I prefer tea but I only drink it at home as the water quality has a massive difference on the taste. Also being a Northern Brit, I like it strong served with skimmed milk, can't abide milky tea.

    So my question is would I be able to order hot chocolate with my room service breakfast.

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    I take it I am the only one that likes Hot Chocolate! They used to serve it with our breakfast tray in Paris it is gorgeous, much nicer than the version we get at home. Its more like liquid chocolate.

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    Have never seen it at any of the Couples Resorts. They do have hot water thou, so you might want to take some packets of it with you.

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    Sorry, have not seen it served in Jamaica. Also the milk may not be what you are used to there.

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    No, you are not the only Hot Chocolate fan. I DO NOT like coffee. YUCK! Hot chocolate or Hot tea are my morning beverages of choice. Hot chocolate is particularly good with a shot of Di Sarrona or Butterscotch Schnapps in it. MMMMM

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    I like hot chocolate but I also love the coffee there, so strong and taste so good. Since I drink coffee I don't know if they have hot chocolate or not, I just don't recall. Sorry

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    I'm trying to remember if they had it in the computer lounge at SweptAway....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Well I might just take a jar with me, they do loads here now, Malteaser flavour, Aero, these are lovely even when made with water.

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