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Thread: CSA nude beach

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    Default CSA nude beach

    Do you think they ever section off part of the beach for nude sunning ???? Would be nice since the other 3 properties have one and CSA has the best beach !

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    Probably not. CSA sits on way too public of a beach. CSS has a private beach, CTI has the island, and CN is in Bloody Bay which, while still public, not as accessible and has less foot traffic. I think it has to do with location more than anything.

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    CSA is on a public beach. The reason we go to CSA is because there is NOT an AN beach.

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    Gotta tell ya, we've seen things on strolls along 7-Mile. Not the norm, certainly, but it does happen. *shiver*

    All that aside, though...

    I'm very comfortable with the fact that Couples maintains one resort that is all prude (as opposed to the other)... and believe me, I'm quite open minded about the concept; just not our thing.

    It gives SweptAway its own kind of sophistication, in my opinion; and please don't take that as a knock on those who dare to bare.

    I've often said that each Couples resort has its own uniqueness about it... and lack of an AN area happens to be one of those features about SweptAway.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Yup - I think it's location that's driving this. It's also right next door to a kid-friendly all-inclusive.

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    More than just public, the beach is basically a long straight length, with no nooks and crannies to hide a nude beach.

    I suppose if one was desperate, they could get CSA to set a nude tanning section somewhere, but it'd have to be off of the beach area.

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    I hope not -

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    Topless is all you can do at CSA.

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    There is no nudity at CSA... topless only

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    ROOF TOP SUNNING!!!! Build a roof top sun deck!!!! YEAH!!! ROOF TOP SUNNING!!!!! Maybe a small pool too!!!!! Am I asking too much?????

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    Besides the logistical issue with how the beach is set up, I have to say I hope that CSA does not figure out how to add a nude beach. Here's why - when we stayed at CSS last year, it tended to "segregate" the guests between textile and nude. We never even saw some of our friends who were on the nude side during the day. And please don't flame me because I choose not to go nude, it's just not something I enjoy, not even when I was 18 and a size 4.

    An option is to sign up for trading places, and then you can at least visit CN during your stay to CSA and use their nude beach.

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    We sure hope not!!!

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    I hope not. I am not opposed to AN, but blocking off part of the beach would be a shame. I love the incredible expanse of the beach at CSA and the view looking down the beach is amazing with no obstacles.

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    We hope that NEVER happens!

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    I also say NO to a nude beach...

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    It seems to me that a small A/N area could be created over on the somewhat under - utilized sports complex side of the resort. While it's not a prime beachfront location, it would provide a nice secluded spot where those who seek an all - inclusive suntan could catch some rays while at CSA.
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    Based on this thread why are there so many post that seem to associate AN with some bad disease.
    Below are some sample that are not positive nor answer the OP original question

    "We hope that NEVER happens! "
    "I also say NO to a nude beach... "
    "We sure hope not!!! "
    "CSA is on a public beach. The reason we go to CSA is because there is NOT an AN beach."

    Any feedback would be appreciated-
    Have there been habitual "issues" involving the patrons on the couples AN beach? Just curious as there must be some reason for so much energy against a CSA AN beach

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    I'm not sure its so much "energy" against the nudity per se. I think its just an issue with the fact that most people don't think that CSA offers an area where it can be segregated and, therefore, is not a good idea given the other Couples resorts that do offer that option. I think chances are good that I fall in with the majority of people in that (A) I don't personally care for AN and don't want to see it when I'm walking down the beach but (B) to each his own and if there is an area that be easily segregated from the regular beach, I don't mind at all what someone else does. As of right now, if AN is your thing, then Couples offers multiple options, its just that CSA is not one of them and probably won't be in the future given the lay of the land. Obviously your going to get those people who think its a bad idea no matter where, what or when, but I haven't come across many of those on this board. Most people seem to be pretty open minded about things here.

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    steve&linda -

    I guess I didn't see the comments as negative energy so much as a salute to Couples for offering an alternative that meets the posters' level of comfort with the issue.

    I would agree that some of the responses move a little bit off topic, but lately that is not unusual; occassionally, folks will use a post as an avenue to comment on their feelings about an issue and the post will offer that avenue...

    Its all good...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I don't see any negative "energy", or the word " disease " being used ( except by that poster! )
    The beach at CSA is wide open, which is why we love it....we stay in a Beachfront room and don't care for the possibility of our view being blocked or CHANGED in any way....

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    I think any negativity here is associated with segregating a part of the beach from the rest, not an overt negative towards those who do the AN thing.

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    While I do AN, I think it is wise of Couples to have a resort that does not offer it as I personally know people who refuse to go to a resort that offers AN. With there being no AN option at CSA, it gives those who would prefer to not stay at a resort with the option the opportunity to be able to experience the great Couples experience. (I have tried my best not to sound mean in this post as it is not intended that way.) Kudos to Couples for knowing how to attract all types of couples.
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    I personally have no problem with an AN arrangement on a beach, pool or other location and would happily participate with no qualms what so ever. My wife, however, is quite opposed to the idea and would not stay at a resort that offered it. That said, we are both content with the current lack of AN facilities at CSA. In any case, we both love CSA and especially the beach.

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    No to nude at CSA....not a prude; but if you want the AN experience, there are plenty of other places......I would even support a 'no topless' rule at CSA....just my opinion.

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    How about they make the pool area in front of Feathers AN. Its off the beach. We have been to the other Couples and did not like the small pool and cold water, rocky water at CSS . Been about 10 years since we were at both CTI and CN. At CN back then they had the AN way to the right of the resort.It was very small and had a boat right in front of you. I know they have moved the AN to the left side of the beach with a bar now( any opinion on this AN beach) Did not like CTI because there was no beach and the pool and island are so small Just my opinion. Haveing said this we still are going back to CSW in Dec.

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