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    Default Couples guest turnover question

    My husband and I will be at CSA from Thursday 3/25 to Tuesday 3/30. We prefer to take more weekend mini-vacations throughout the year, instead of one 2-week holiday. Anyways, my questions are for Couples resort veterans: is there a particular day of the week which is a busier guest check-out/check-in day? Are the weekends typically busier than mid-week at the resorts, or do the resorts maintain a steady pace of guests in and out all week long? Also, I'm assuming that late-March and early-April are busy times for the resort. Possibly not quite as busy as, say, December and January, but still crowded. Am I correct? This is the weekend before Easter this year...

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    Saturdays are the busiest days for check out/check in of guests. As much as 60% turnover on saturdays with sundays being the next busiest days

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    You are going in prime time so yes CSA will be packed.
    Saturday and sunday arrivals the overwhelming majoriry
    Midweek is a wise choice simply because it is spring break so airport transfer will be much less crowded.

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