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    Default what to bring for off-site excursions

    Hi! I'm new to the message boards, so I'm not sure if this question has been asked recently. My husband and I will be staying at CSA and we plan on doing one of the zip-line tours. I'm wondering what all I should bring with me. My plan is to bring our id's, some cash for tipping and my camera. Any reason any of that would be a bad idea? Is there anything else I should bring?


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    Don't bring your Passport...ID is a very good idea that many people think is unecessary, but its NOT !! I'd never leave the hotel without it.

    Carry your Drivers License or a Photocopy of your Passport...

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    Nope all of that sounds good, as long as you have a place to keep them secured while you're on the zip line. You might want to leave the camera at the hotel, unless you have a zippered pocket to put it in while you're on the line, or a small bookbag.
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    We did the ziplining, and we never take our ID's with us on any excursions... those stay in the safe from the time we get there until we leave. No need to take that stuff with you. Just take money for tipping the drivers and guides and for buying lunch and/or souveniers and lip balm and put on sunscreen. I took my camera and it had a wrist strap attached to it so I kept it like that... definitely want a camera, the pictures we got were amazing. They also take pictures of you along the way and you can purchase those at the end in the shop. They spray you with insect repellent if you don't already have some on (you want insect repellent on, trust me)
    You will also wear a helmet... I had barettes in my hair and it hurt all the time... so a note not to wear barrettes in your hair, the helmet will make them dig into your head!
    We both wore shorts, but the longer version... the harness will pull your shorts up when it's all in place... so for modesty's sake, don't wear short shorts. And wear good walking type tennis shoes... you have to hike a bit at the beginning up some pretty steep steps/trails.
    We really enjoyed this excursion, it's a huge thrill. Be prepared for the drive there and back to the resort... it's pretty much all the way back to the airport... it's quite a drive, but well worth it. I think we left about 9am and were back at the resort about 2:30 or 3:00... the bus does pick up and drop off others at nearby resorts on the way.
    Don't forget to tip your driver... we gave him $20 when he dropped us off at the hotel. (some didn't tip at all, which was sad)

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    For zip-line you might want to bring closed toed shoes(tennis shoes). I read that was a requirements, but don't quote me.

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    Thanks for the input everyone! Good suggestion about the driver's license instead of the passports! I just feel weird about not having any form of id on me. Also good suggestion about the longer shorts, I was wondering what type of bottoms to wear. Thanks again!

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    how much is the zip line excursion?

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    " I just feel weird about not having any form of id on me "

    And unsafe. It's required at home, why wouldn't you do the same in a foreign country?
    Many things can happen, of course they probably won't. But using common sense, IF IT DID, it would be helpful for someone to know who you are....

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