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    Default Shuttle from CN to Airport

    Once our amazing CN vacation draws to a close, what time should we ask the shuttle to leave CN to be at the airport in sufficient time for our Skyservice flight (Canadian airline) which departs at 3:50pm on a Sunday afternoon?

    Someone with Couples experience said the shuttle departs at 9:30am, unless you make a special request otherwise. She recommended we ask for an 11am departure. We certainly would rather spend the extra time at CN than the airport.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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    You don't have to tell them, they will let you know. They will give you a card the night before with the time to have your luggage outside and what time you need to be in the lobby. They coordinate with all the people leaving that day not only from CN, but CSA as well (now THAT would be a lot of work). Enjoy

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    Someone who recently returned from Negril mentioned in another thread that due to the current road construction taking place, Couples is scheduling the departure 5 hours prior to flight time. In your case that will be about 10:50am, give or take a few.

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    You don't have to worry about a thing. Couples plans it all out for you. I was really amazed how I didn't have to worry about times being places or tipping or anything. They truly take care of it all. They will let you know when to have your luggage outside your room before you leave for someone to pick it up. They will tell you when your shuttle leaves and you WILL be crying but you can always plan another trip back. Enjoy!

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    Sounds perfect! Thanks!

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