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    Default Worth Splitting time between resorts?

    Hi Everyone,

    Another first timer here....just wanted to get some advice from all of you seasoned Couples Resorters!! The information and posts on this board are great and have definitely helped make us comfortable that we made the right decision to stay at a Couples Resort.

    We are booked at CN for April 2-13th. Based upon my research I was leaning towards CSA but it was booked for part of that period, so I ended up booking our entire trip at CN. All of the CN reviews have definitely made me comfortable with the decision to stay at CN.

    I would like to know if it be worth it to split our time between CN and CSA? I know they are pretty close together and we could do the Trading places for the day, but I am wondering if that is enough and if there are enough differences in the resorts to make it worth while.

    Or, would it be more worthwhile for us to split our time between CN and one of the resorts in Ocho Rios. We liked the excursions and activities at Ocho Rios, but were drawn to the beaches of Negril.

    We do have 12 nights so I am curious as to if it makes sense to spread things out a bit and experience more that one amazing Couples resort.

    Thanks for your help!!!!

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    Spending 12 nights, 6 nights at each would be nice in my option.
    Irie Mon

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    With 12 nights, i wouldn't hesitate to do 7 nights at one and 5 nights at the other. Sounds like fun to me!!

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    A decision only you can make, but it does seem as if it's itching under your skin to give both places a shot. The one thing working in your favor for this is you'll be staying for 12 days. If you were only staying a week, maybe that would be a bit tough dividing that up. But 12 days would allow for sufficient time in both places - for instance, either an even 6/6 split or perhaps a 7/5 split in the event you need to spend 7 days at one to qualify for any credits or other benefits.

    One thing tho in case you really are thinking about doing the split. You probably should commit pretty quickly as you don't have a lot of time left, and it's possible that CSA is already booked solid for the dates you'd be considering.

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    12 nights is plenty to split between resorts, but I would split between CN & CSS, that way you get to see both sides of the island (and visit my two favorite resorts!) LOL
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We too are first time visiters to Couples and decided to split our stay between CN and CSA. We are staying for two weeks (1 week at each). We were having a hard time choosing between CSA and CN so thought this would allow us to experience both and stop agonizing about which one to choose! I love the idea of staying at two different couples resorts during our stay...not only does it allow us a change of scenary but more dining options, and the opportunity to meet new people. A week at CN and CTI or CSS would also be a great option...really experience the best Jamaica has to offer. We too were very tempted with this option (and to be honest, most days, still am). Depending on how easy going you are and availability during your stay, perhaps this is something you could decide once you get there?

    As for the trading spaces program, based on the couples representatives I have spoken to, you are able, as a first time guest, to take advantage of this service. You do need however to be a romance rewards member!

    We arrive at CN on April 7th so in the event that you are still there perhaps we'll see you at the swim up bar!


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    You do not have to be a repeat stay guest to take advantage of Trading Places. You just have to sign up for Romance Rewards prior to checking in to your Couples resort

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    Thanks everyone for the responses....I really appreciate the help!

    I think we are probably going to stay at CN for the full 12 days and maybe just do an excursion or two . Usually our vacations include alot of bouncing around from place to place. We are not used to travelling and staying in the same place for an extended period of time, which caused the second guessing . However I think I am looking forward to not having to move around and can just relax in one place. Again, based upon all of the reviews I think CN will be perfect for us for our entire trip...

    Jay and Susan, we arrive at 10am on the 2nd? What time do you arrive? Are you at CN for the entire 12 days as well?


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    First timers "can" do Trading if they sign up for "Rewards". I really don't feel "Trading" gives you the true feel of the resort. Split the 12 days and enjoy the BEST of both! Just DO IT!

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    Actually, you only have signed up for Romance Rewards to get in on the Trading Places program. You are entitled to the other perks on your first return trip.

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    First timers are allowed to do Trading Places, it's the one perk you get on your first trip, if you've registered with Romance Rewards.

    For 12 nights, I would definitely do a split, and do it between Negril and Ocho Rios so you can see both sides of the island. Then you can also do Trading Places to check out the other two. Sounds like a perfect plan! We've booked a CTI/CSA split for 2011!
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