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    Default Secret Rendezvous - Upgrade

    We are booked for the Secret Rendezvous for March 15 to March 19... my question is once we find out which one of the Couples Resorts we are assigned...Is there an opportunity to upgrade the room choice or request a special package on spa treatments.

    Thank you!

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    Spa package yes, upgrading you room I do not think so.
    Irie Mon

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    We had booked SR last fall and we were given CTI and assigned a Garden room. We called the resort to find out that if any upgrade was possible if rooms were available and we were told no. As I understand, SR couples are given the lowest possible room category available. We decided to change our reservation to CSS and a Ocean Beachfront Suite and we paid the difference. It was worth it for us.

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    From what I have heard (never done the SR myself) you can upgrade once you arrive on property if they have the room available. Just ask them at the front desk what the charge would be.

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    Wife & I done SR 2 times, both time we went to SS and got 1 bedroom suits,
    luck of the draw.

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    Wife & I done SR 2 times, both times got 1 bedroom suits, luck of the draw.

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