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    We will be traveling back to Tower Isle 21-28 Apr 11 for our 35th wedding anniversary. This will be our third trip there. We want to repeat our wedding vows on our anniversary date but that is Apr 24th which is Sunday. Does anyone know whether the minister will come out on a Sunday to perform the ceremony? I would love for us to be on the pier in the late afternoon. Our sons, their wives, and a great group of friends will be there with us to celebrate (16-20 people in all).
    Also I booked our hotel via the Love Away Program; can I later add the renewal package as a separate item?

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    Couples uses a minister for vow renewals, so they will not schedule a vow renewal on a Sunday or national holiday.

    If you're really adamant about renewing your vows on your anniversary, I have a suggestion. I don't know if Couples would permit it, but you can always ask. Because a vow renewal ceremony is of no legal significance, there is no requirement that it be performed by a minister. If there is a member of your party who you think would be good presiding over the ceremony, you could ask him or her to do so. Perhaps Couples will allow you to schedule your ceremony on a Sunday if there won't be a minister involved. Just a thought.

    Congratulations on 35 years!
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