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    Default Is CSS getting a refurb

    Just read a review on Tripadvisor from 6th February. One of the comments they made was that the resort was looking tired and needed an update. They said the " The Operations management knows this and said they were working"

    Does this mean they are planning a refurb in the near future ie this year?

    We arrive in November and it would be lovely if we arrived at a resort that had just had a refurb. Before anyone says it I know CTI has just has one but I just preferred the look of CSS. Just trying to prepare myself for a resort in need of an update because despite this I still want to go to CSS.

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    First of all I never totally trust anything posted on trip advisor. In the past 2 or 3 years blocks C to G had a complete refurb. In the past 18 months blocks A & B had a minor refurb (new flooring, new beds,new tiles, painting and new flat screen TV's).
    The grounds, stairways and walks are old, but in a charming way. The landscaping is immaculate and beautiful
    The most common comment is that when yoiu walk the grounds you will feel like you are the only couple at the resort
    CSS is the only resort that has room service from 6 AM to 11 PM

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    I have requested G Block, we are staying in a one bed Oceanview suite and I have asked for 2nd or 3rd floor ie not ground floor as I am hoping for a large balcony with a double lounger.

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    If I was to refurb CSS, I really don't know what I would do other than get a new hot tub for the AN side of the beach. The couch in our room had a smidge of mold on it, but that is from stupid guests leaving wet towels and suits on furniture. (Please don't do this, hang up your swimsuits and towels.) The reviewer didn't have a clue what they were talking about or they were expecting marble with glitz and glamor and that is not CSS. Part of what I like about the Couples properties and they are not all marble. They are all very tropical, not hoity toity like other hotels.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Have to agree with Coloradojuli about the being no apparent need for any refurbishing. You also have to realize that in Jamaica such projects require years rather than months between conception and completion.

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    I do agree with your comments and I am not expecting the glitz of a 5* resort that you might get in Dubai. We have one week available to us - no kids and we could pretty much go wherever we wanted (Australia might have been just a bit to far though in a week!). I looked at Dubai but Couples was the one that called out to me, it was everything I wanted but there were some pretty nasty looking pictures of bathrooms with broken tiles, dirt, broken plug sockets etc. So I was just curious to know whether they were due an upgrade.

    Of course I now know that they had an upgrade two years ago, having said that though, I have read more than one report on TA that stated that they were upgrading in a piecemeal process.

    At the end of the day the positive reviews always outweigh the few negative reviews that I have read.

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    We're heading for our 3rd visit to CSS and 8th visit to Couples in June. If you checked every room I'm sure you could find a couple of broken tiles or outlets and maybe even a little dirty grout in a corner somewhere but please be assured that the rooms look and feel clean and the housekeeping and maintenance staff are terrific. Anyone who posted the images you're describing would have to have had an axe to grind.

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    I have been to CSS in 08, and we are returning in April, I too, saw those pictures, and I have to admit it was a bit concerning, but I can assure you the room we stayed in was NOT like that. You may see a bit of mold anywhere you stay in Jamaica, even if the rooms are brand new it is very very humid there. Our room was clean, and was large and was comfortable, as others have mentioned, no marble, or glitz, laid back Caribbean charm is more what you will feel with Couples. It is what makes it special to us, and why we love it there. Service in the Caribbean is slow, but always with a smile at Couples..

    CSS is a beautiful resort that tugs at your heart. So romantic, and well you'll see.

    Couples keeps a very close eye on the Tripadvisor posts, and take the negative reviews very seriously, I am sure that Couples Management has already addressed the issues from that post.

    Happy Travels

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