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    Default Nature Tour at CSA

    I see people mention the Nature tours at CSA. Can you share with us what it is, how long it takes, and anything else worth sharing.

    Peter and Sandra in Nova Scotia where we have just gotten another six inches of snow.

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    The nature tour is led by one of the gardening staff, and explores the flora and fauna of the resort's landscape. You'll learn about the local plants and trees, and pay a visit to CSA's herb garden. It takes about 45 minutes and is well worth the time.
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    We've taken the tour with Fitz a couple of times. He's a true gentleman (emphasis on gentle), knows his botany inside and out, and shares his wonder and love for the flora (and fauna) of Jamaica.

    Once he stopped the tour (it was just Joy and I), to show us a hummingbird nest he noticed in a shrub next to one of the Oceanview Verandah buildings... amazing! I can't say who was more excited... us or him.

    Highly recommended!

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