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    Default Beach/Room Music Suggestions???

    We have an ITouch that we will be bringing with us. We have been doing some research trying to find the ideal songs for our upcoming trip to CN paradise. We have identified a few Buffett/Marley kind of tunes already.....even a few oldies of the Beach Boys.

    Any ideas/suggestions of those beach tunes that set the mood for being in paradise? Those tunes that make you say ahhhh.. .perfect song?

    Bring em on......Thanks!

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    Here's a few from my iPod...

    of course the Marley tunes!
    You're My Jamaica - Neal McCoy/Charlie Pride
    Toes In The Sand - Zac Brown Band
    The Eagles
    Billy Ocean

    I have a really broad music taste range, so there's all different kinds of stuff on there! I have three playlists "Jamaica Chill" and "Jamaica Party" and "Jamaica Love" just depending on the mood we're looking for! LOL

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    There were so many Bob Marley releases, and now there are countless collections (authorized and otherwise) of his work that would easily provide you with plenty of material.

    Your surest bet in terms of a collection is "42 Great Performances - Bob Marley", a great 2-disk set. For a great original album, my favorite is "Survival", released in 1979.

    Another Jamaican original is Toots and the Maytals. I came across a two cd grouping of their albums "Funky Kingston" and "In the Dark", both of which have a lot of tunes with an island vibe.

    Jimmy Cliff's "Higher and Higher" (a remake of many of his hits), and his "Ultimate Collection" compendium are something that any reggae fan should have in their library.

    Gregory Isaacs, Burning Spear, Yellowman, Dennis Brown, and Judy Mowatt are examples of reggae artists in the "Roots Reggae" tradition, who I think provide a more laid back island/beach vibe, in contrast to many of the newer dub, dancehall, urban reggae artists.

    Jimmy Buffet's "Songs you Know by Heart" is also a fun beach cd.

    You might also try Sirius Radio's "The Joynt", which is one of their reggae stations. We get it on our Dish Network lineup, and get lots of ideas for our reggae collection.

    Happy hunting!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Hmm if my husband has his way he will have it full of Sham 69, The Sex Pistols, The Cure etc

    Me, myself and I will have any and all types of soul music, James Ingram, Marvin Gaye, Harold Melvin, and Kenny G for gorgeous sax music.

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    Our choice for in room romance music is Enigma.

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    Not sure if you are into new country, but Kenny Chesney has a great album that I love for the beach. It is "Lucky Old Sun". The music is more island songs than country music. My husband who isn't a real fan of country music really likes this CD. Check it out on iTunes and you might be able to get a taste for the album and see what I mean.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I have three playlists "Jamaica Chill" and "Jamaica Party" and "Jamaica Love" just depending on the mood we're looking for! LOL

    Beachwed, your playlist titles couldn't be anymore perfect.. Hopefully we can fill in the songs that fit on our own iTouch!!!

    Thanks everybody for the replies. We are truly headed in the right direction.

    It is funny the cool tunes you forget about....Billy Ocean was huge when we got married 25 years ago....seems like yesterday though.

    The reggae tunes are totally cool for the beach and obviously the more mellow tunes for the room....Marvin Gaye, Kenny G etc.

    Hubby is a huge Dave Matthews fan and that is all that is on the iTouch now...we are erasing it and starting over....thanks again and more suggestions are always welcome.

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    Vampire Weekend

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    Don't forget Beres Hammond

    Tom & Erin 24x CSA Veterans
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    Robert Nesta Marley

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    Here's my 2 cents: Toots and the Maytals...Anything by Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru, UB40, Easy Star All-Stars, Jimmy Cliff,Third World, Tarrus Riley, Beres Hammond, Luciano,T.O.K.....and lets not forget Bob mp3 player tunes are extensive...I also have some calypso steel drum music mixed in there, as well as Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney

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    Garnet Silk

    Tom & Erin 24x CSA Veterans
    Officially Janadian

    Don't worry about a thing, 'cuz every little thing is gonna be all right...
    Robert Nesta Marley

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    Jack Johnson & Ben Harper

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    Before you "erase" Dave Matthews from your itouch...I suggest you make a new playlist!! Name it "Jamaica Jams".
    Here's my suggestion for your new playlist:
    "you're my jamaica" by Charley Pride
    "Cottage in Negril" by Duane Stephenson or Tyrone Taylor
    and of course, all Bob Marley tunes
    Have a wonderful trip!!

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    Toni Braxton is incredibly sexy!!!!
    One Love,

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    Anything with the words "fun and sun"...

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    Afternoon Delight, Folsom Prison Blues

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    Pants on the ground is an all time favourite, and a great tip for a romantic "Get it on" kinda trip

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    Check out IRIE - FM on your radio.
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    SHE'S ROYAL !!!!!!!! . By Taurrus Riley. Take a look at he video, filmed in Negril. ( you can see it on You tube.) I am not sure if this link will work but take a look, he is wonderful. .

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    I just took a look at my tunes and I found a couple other Tarrus Riley songs that are wonderful to get on your I-Pod before you go and they are: Start A New, Lion Paw, Far Away and Human Nature ( he did this remake of Michael Jackson's song in 2008 while Michael was still alive,and he assisted in making this great raggae version. ) Enjoy. FYI, if other people hear you listening to this music on your trip, EVERYONE asks, who is that, and where can I get it, because it has such an jamaican feel.

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