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    Default Ocean Jr Suite at CTI

    I see many posts about Premiere Ocean Rooms, but haven't seen much about the Ocean Jr Suites. Could someone please give a rundown of what to expect? The promo material says that they are located on the top floor of the main building, and on Floors 1 & 2 of buildings 2 & 3. I have not, and will not ask for a specific room location, but would like to know what to expect view wise, noise wise, etc from the various locations. Also - how many floors are the buildings and do they have elevators? I am seeing stairs everywhere.

    Also, I am having a devil of a time finding a map that shows the layout of the property that identifies, Main Building, Building 1, 2...etc. Does anyone have a link that I am missing? The one posted on the Tower Isle portion of the website shows the location of various sites such as "main bar", "8 Rivers", but doesn't identify building numbers.

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    I can email you a map of CTI ( - it's too small to see detail when I post it. Buildings 3, 4 and 5 have elevators. CSS is the resort with all of the steps. Most CTI buildings have 3 levels, but a couple have 5.

    Looking at the panoramic, going left to right, you have East (#1), New (#2), Main (#3), West (#4), and South (#5).

    Buildings #2 and #3 are right next to each other so the view is very similar. The only difference is that Building #2 is set behind the original pool.
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    Thanks Amy, I sent my email address to yours.


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    We absolutely loved our Ocean Jr. suite. We were in the main building (#3) on the top floor. There is an elevator. Our suite was spacious and the view spectacular! Looked straight out to the island. Our suite had two balconies; one off of the bedroom and one off the bathroom. The bathroom was large with separate shower (with a window!) and jacuzzi tub. There was a walk in closet and adequate drawer space. The room was very quiet; never heard a sound except for one night when a group of very loud guests were out on the terrace. While I didn't see the Ocean Jr. suites in the new building (#2) I did talk to a couple that thought their's was not as private and a little noisy as it is right behind the pool. Also Bldg. #3 is in the center of the property.
    Hope this helps and feel free to ask any other questions.

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    Thanks Travelpatty - I am kind of hoping for the main building, top floor. Cross your fingers for me. 26 Days to go!

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