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    If you would be sad not to stay in an Atrium suite you really need to book one.

    There are many couples on their honeymoon or wedding trip at Couples and there are tons of repeaters. It is totally unrealistic to expect a free upgrade - and I disagree that that "lots of posts say when they arrived they were upgraded" - so you either need to book an Atrium or be happy with your Garden View as that is very likely where you will end up.

    You always have the possibility of a PAID upgrade at check in should there be an Atrium available.


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    The free upgrades are given to returning guests who are part of the Romance Rewards program. Guests who have stayed a total of 24 nights or more in their various trips to the Couples Resorts have reached the Passionate Love level in the loyalty program and are eligible for a one category upgrade if one is available at check-in.

    No free upgrades are offered to people getting married, on their honeymoon, or celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or another significant event.
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    Agreed. I've rarely seen a post here about a free upgrade outside of the Romance Rewards program for repeaters, and even those don't seem to happen very often. You can pay for an upgrade if the room is available when you get there.

    Keep in mind that at any given time, probably half the people at that resort (or more) are getting married, on a honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary, or something like that.

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    We will be going home to SweptAway for our seventh visit in May. We have been upgraded on arrival only once, and that was just a happenstance that occurred because the head of guest relations happened to walk by as we walked into the lobby and recognized us immediately.

    Veteran or newbie, reserve the accommodation you want. An upgrade, if available, will be provided, but is VERY unlikely.

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