My wife and I will be staying at CSA for 2 weeks, very soon, but (unfortunately) we are both smokers (I know...very bad habit). We are only allowed to bring in one carton each of our own cigarettes, and are leary about "smuggling in" a sufficient supply of smokes to last us the entire trip (5-6 cartons).

1) Does anybody know if there is any place within walking distance (preferably)to CSA that a person could buy Canadian cigarettes (Rothmans Blue to be specific) or as a last resort maybe Marlboros? If there is no place within walking distance, where would the nearest spot to buy Canadian smokes be? Cost?

2) Are dress sandals (closed toe leather sandals) good enough for Feathers?

3) Is there actual Cream at the resort for coffee or is it Carnation or some other evaporated milk?

4) Are the plug ins to the wall standard North American style three pronged plug outlets or are they a recessed or pin type plug in. (I need to plug in my CPAP into a standard outlet and preferably not a 2 prong deeply recessed outlet)?

Thank you all in advance and I am anxiously awaiting any feedback anybody can supply! Since there are so many repeaters, I suspect that most could answer most of the questions except about cigarettes. Thanks excited about the trip!!!