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    Default Question about CN

    I have a dumb question about the AN beach at CN. My wife asked me if they have flag service on the AN side and I wasn't sure of the answer so can someone help a newbie out? One good first she said no way she would go she's asking questions about maybe....

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    LeeandKathy --
    while they do not have a "red flag" service on the AN side, you'll still receive top notch service! Being a smaller area (and never crowded during times we were there) the bartender does come out and make rounds to see if anyone would like a refill. Also, at times when they are on break or have to leave for any reason, we just make the bar "self serve"!

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    Default CN

    We have been to b and there were girls with thongs and topless and all nude and guys with shorts on some of the time and some times off,i have read that they enforce the other resorts like cti,so i hope that's because its a private island,its totally nude at all times is this true or they just do it so people that don't want to be nude just don't hang around that side and let the people that want to be nude have some privacy

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    Lee and Kathy:
    That was not a dumb question. Being AN newbies, Cathy and I have been wondering about this as well and debating about who would be going up to the bar to get our drinks.

    Thanks for the answer to the question.


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    netshepp - I think you may have wanted to post your question to the main au natural board, but I can offer an answer here. If I'm reading your question right -- Couples does enforce the ALL NUDE policy at all their AN beaches, whether it be the island, sunset beach or the CN AN beach.
    You don't have to fully undress "at the door" per se, however within 10-15 of getting there you should be nude! LOL
    We usually walk over (CN) or grab the boat(CTI) pick our spot, move chairs accordingly, plop our stuff down, spread a towel and then undress....

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    Dan -- no problem, they have a bartender from 10 I believe until 5 or so. During those times, the liquor bottles are out and the keg tap is open, so as I said earlier, if they have to step away we just usually help ourselves. And they'll usually give a shout out, like "gonna grab some lunch, be back!"
    I might also add, that we've also offered to other folks to grab something for them while we're up. While I profess no bartendering skills, I can manage to pour a beer or two, LOL and there's no sense in everyone up if I'm headed that way and back again !

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    For the newbies, the AN bar at CN is a walk up style - no chairs and is chest high or so depending on how tall you are. Not like you will be in the bartenders face so to speak. Its a short walk from all areas of the beach so no problems getting up for drinks.

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    Default An...beach at cn

    Thanks beachwed2007 i guess the question was more for my wife she was wanting to were her thong bottom with no top that is very small any way and not go full nude.

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    We have been there for three different trips. Once we had red flag service. The other two times we did not.


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