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    Default 2nd week of Sept 2010

    Well we did it!! Couldn't resist the Couplicious Wednesday deal. We booked our 4th trip to Couples for 4 Sept thru 13 Sept!

    Who else will be there for Teresa's 2nd birthday celebration on the Island199 days and counting. I love the countdown!

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    Honey, you forgot "annual", as in my "2nd ANNUAL birthday celebration on the island..."


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    Rick & Theresa!! Hey guys!! We're the newlyweds Ryan and Amy from Atlanta that got married 09.09.09 last year and stayed at CTI.

    We may be coming back this Sept. to celebrate our 1st anniversary but we may have to wait until December. If we go in Sept, we will definitely be on the lookout for you guys!

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    Hey Ryan and Amy! Hope you guys make it back to CTI! We are counting down... 134 days til we get back home!! You know where to find us if you are there on 09.09.10... ya mon!

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    Double digit dance time! 99 days and counting !! yahoo!

    I think the resort is going to be near empty that week. No one is posting here, that's for sure!

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    Hey there... My husband and i will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary/honeymoon at CTI 9/11-15. I can't wait! Amy and Ryan... we too live in Atlanta!

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    we will be there on our honeymoon yayyyy 9/6-11

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    Awesome! Birthday, anniversary and honeymoon - we have a lot of partying to do. VAgalNYguy, where are you getting married?

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    Twenty seven days!!!! This is getting tough!

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    I can't keep up with all the Sept threads. 23 to go...

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    Default Did it again! 3rd trip this year we can't stay away

    Booked Sept4 - Sept9 for 5 night getaway. We have never booked Tower Isle we have been to Couples Negril 4 times and will be there In October of this year but decided last minute on today's Wednesday special to book this trip only 3 weeks away I am excited.

    Chuck & Edie

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    Default Sept wedding..

    Hi, we are having our first trip to Jamaica CTI on 6th Sept until 20th Sept, to get married. Really looking forward to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post
    I can't keep up with all the Sept threads. 23 to go...
    There are twice as many days left for us as there are September threads...the math is up to you.

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