Trying not to repeat questions that I've read the answer to before. What a great board this is. However, I do have 3 questions for the experts and repeaters as I finalize plans for our April 3rd trip to CSA.

1. I've seen some conflicting responses here and can't find the specifics on their website. What are the current baggage fee charges for US Airways?

2. I've seen many posts suggesting to bring a bugspray with DEET. Since I did go ahead and reserve a Dinner on the Beach, I wanted to inquire as to what brand might be the best based on yor experiences. I don't want to pay all that money to get eaten alive with bugs.

3. Finally, just out of curiosity, when (approximately) are the sunsets in April? I guess I don't want to make a bunch of restaurant reservations or whatever and miss 'em. I was also wondering if the 7:00 Dinner on the Beach was during or after sunset.

Thanks again to everyone.