Alright folks, we just made it back to reality after a week at CSS.

We had honeymooned at CSA two years ago and decided to try CSS for our trip this year. I am in love with CSA and was a little apprehensive about trying a different place. The beach was dissappointing at CSS...I love the beach and the water and there just is no comparison between the two. That being said, everything else at CSS was amazing! CSS is a gorgeous place, the food is fantastic, the pools are great, snorkeling was fun, the room was nice, and of course the staff was unbelivable. Another difference I noticed was that on this trip we got to know our fellow guests much better than when we were at CSA.

Shout outs time! Hey there to Matt and Lisa, Donna and Jim, and Sonya and Bob! It was great meeting and hanging out with you guys!

I'll post a link to some of our pictures whne I get them up online!

Thanks to eveyone on this MB who made preparing for this trip a breeze! Thanks to Couples Sans Souci for a splendid vacation!

Beth (& Josh)