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    Default Trading Places Between CSA & CN

    We will be arriving at CSA on 5th March and would like to visit CN, we have signed up for the Romance Rewards. Will be be best taking our towels with us and perhaps wearing shorts and T-shirts over our beachwear? Sorry to sound stupid, have never done it!

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    Trading places is available on Mon,Weds & Fridays. You can sign up up to 24 hours in advance and it is limited to 10 Couples each day.
    The atire you are suggesting to wear is just fine
    You will be at the other resort from about 10 AM to 4 PM and transportation is provided at no charge

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    Default We took towels

    Hi Elaine,

    When we traded places to CSA last December, we wore shorts/t-shirts over our swimwear, and brought towels from CN. That enabled us to go from the bus directly to the beach.

    Some of our group had to find watersports to get towels. We thought it was just as easy to bring our own.

    Have fun at CN!


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    We did trading places from CSA to CN on 2/1. We brought our towels with us. I wore a cover up (long zip hoodie) and hubby wore a t-shirt and his trunks. It's a great perk!

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    Bring your beach bag too if you plan to stay the entire day - you'll want your camera, beach reads, sunglasses, SPF, etc.
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    Thanks everyone, can't wait to see both of the Negril properties in person!

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