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    Default Intro scuba course at CSA?

    Hello! I am headed to CSA the first week in May and I am so excited. I have never been to any of the Couples resorts but based on all the reviews, I cannot wait!!

    I am not scuba certified but interested in the intro to Scuba course and excursion. For anyone who has done it, do you recommend it? Also, how long is the course portion? And then how long is the actual excursion portion?

    Thank you!

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    hello mary. my wife did it last year. if i remember correctly the swim test and course work was approx. 3 hours. The dive was an afternoon dive and she was gone about 1 hour. Plan for at least 1/2-3/4 of your day for the entire adventure. Good luck.

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    The course work takes approximately 2 1/2 hours, which includes watching a video, taking a short test, taking a swim test (8 lengths of the pool freestyle only), and then the actual equipment training in the pool. The dive itself is about 20 minutes, but it takes some time to load equipment and get to the dive site. You will love it. Basically, it does take up an entire morning. You also can't dive the within 24 hours of flying, so keep that in mind when signing up.

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    mmmmmmm.......... I've never done it but I think I'll pass for now. I think it would be interesting but it seems like I haven't had a chance to stay long enough to give up 1/2 to 3/4 of a day.

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    You really should give it a try. 3/4 of your day is probably an exaggeration but definitely all morning and part of the afternoon.

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    I did the open water certification when my wife and I were there two years ago...first we did the resort certification and the next day I was hooked so I decided to go for it. I LOVED IT...the instructors were great and I dove the rest of the time I was there that trip. We are going back in April and I will be diving again each day I can. Its worth the time- a great experience and you learn a lot.

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    I did the discover SCUBA session during our first visit to CN about four years ago (CN and CSA must be similar). I would highly recommend. I would actually very highly recommend!! This first exposure to the undewater world made me want more and I am now advanced open water certified.

    The discover SCUBA instruction begins at 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning. It includes swimming some laps in the pool (to be sure you are comfortable in the water), on deck book instruction, and underwater diving skill exercises to get used to breathing, clearing your mask, bouancy, etc.... Very easy stuff. At about 11:00, you'll head out for a dive in approximately 30' of water. You will stay under about 1/2 hour, which will go very fast! The crew takes great care of you, and you should be back sipping your first Red Stripe by 1:00 at the latest! The dive boat must be back and ready for the certified divers to go out at 1:00, so it won't go any later.

    Enjoy the trip, enjoy the resort, and most certainly take the 1/2 day to enjoy the discover SCUBA!

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    I will be at CSA the 1st week of May also!
    Will NOT be scuba diving though, haha

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    One thing to note if you decide to do the intro course - you really do need to swim all of those laps - when I was there I was told to do the crawl...if you're not a strong swimmer this can be tough - I'd recommend doing some practicing at home....when I was in Mexico, they just basically wanted to be sure I could float - no swimming test....If you can handle the swim test, I'd DEFINITELY recommend doing it - scuba is one of the most fun things you can do!! Good luck!!

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