We've been here for 8 glorious days now. We love it all, but we are easy to please. We have an Ocean Deluxe and are located in the 4-block on the 4th floor. The view is delicious. It's far enough away from the entertainment and gives us an opportunity to walk a few more steps.

Just a heads up to those who will be enjoying the $350 Spa credit. When I booked a couple of appointments yesterday, because I would be using the gift certificate rather than having it charged to my room, the availability was not very good. I think they might have "prime-time" closed out for paying clients. So, book early for your services.

Also to note: I believe people tend to book dinner reservations in clumps. The social director of our group has not been able to get us a dinner reservation earlier than 8:45 p.m. regardless of how far ahead he tries. The only other alternative is to take your dinner at 6:15 p.m.

The Bayside (now asian fair) is very good. People have noted that the food is extra spicy. My opinion is that what makes it too spicy is what you put on top of your food. The other night I had the Vietnamese Pork Phoe Po (sp?) and it was scrumptious!! They've laid new tile most of the way down to the restaurant so it's easier to traverse. Another nice addition is that they have installed a bathroom half-way down so you don't have to come all the way up if the urge strikes.

Rode the Aqua Bikes yesterday and had a ton of fun. Found a lovely starfish to look at.
Well, that's it for now. Sun_princess