Hey everybody. We're new to this board (which is great by the way) and already have our honeymoon booked to CSA Sept 6th-13th (BFVS). We have studied this board and tripadvisor reviews extensively. We understand that there is some 900+ 4/5 star reviews but some of the negative reviews really scared us. If some of you could fill us in on these issues. Here is a list of some of the particular ones I noticed.

>> People actually becoming ill from sand flies and/or bed bugs?

>> Extensive flooding of the resort during rain.

>> Unacceptable amounts of mold in showers and baths.

>> Staff using the term "Island Time" or "Jamaican Time" as an excuse for slow service.

>> Beach chairs or lack there of...

We are very excited for this vacation and just hope it turns out great being our honeymoon and all. We aren't the type that stays in the "Ritz" but are fairly well travelled. I know some of you exclusively stay at CSA, CN etc... for your vacations and I know we can all develop complacency if we never venture away from "the norm". How can you guys compare this to other AI resorts throughout the carribean?