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    Thinking about blowing all this craziness behind and escaping home... has anyone been recently that can tell me are masks required? Iím a rebel and a non face mask wearing human!! So if I canít go and enjoy myself without wearing a face cover than I would as soon stay here in the states! Please help I miss my swept away!!

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    Well unless you live on the island you can't board a plane without wearing one. At CN, masks were required in the shops and while waiting for a table but otherwise we never wore one (wore one on the shuttle unless we were drinking--which was almost the whole trip--lol).

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    We were there at the end of April. You need a mask only when you enter restaurant , then you take it off at the table. All the staff is required to keep mask on the face all day ( inside the building or outside)
    We felt very safe, safer then in any busy place in US .

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    Mask only required on places that cannot social distance like the gift shops, spa(I think only during massage), etc. Everywhere else you are allowed to be mask free

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    If you are "non mask wearing" then you should definitely not go to Jamaica. Mask wearing is to protect others, and Jamaica has only vaccinated about 3% of its population.

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