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    Default Are upgrades free?

    Forgive me for probably asking the stupidest question on the history of this message board, but I have never been to an all-inclusive...

    I have been a number of people saying they don't want to get to the resort and rely on an upgrade, or something of the like, so they book the best room they can.

    Are these upgrades free, or do you pay for them? If you get to the resort and ask for an upgrade, would this be with the understanding of the upgrade being complimentary or the guest is paying for the nicer room? And if complementary, is it usually the next room level up or is it the nicest room they have if available? Do you ask when you get there, or will they offer the upgrade if there is one?


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    I think they mean the upgrade that comes with the romance rewards program. I don't think I would ask for one outside of that program. It seems so rude and presumptuous to just ask for an upgrade out of nowhere. Maybe I am just a wimp but I sort of feel like why should I get one over someone else?

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    I think there are people that do ask for upgrades and do expect that if given, it will be at no charge, and I'm sure it's happened in very rare instances. However, most of the talk on the board with regard to concern about an upgrade being available once you get to the resort is centered around the rewards program, as the previous poster stated, or people willing to pay for the upgrade once they get there if it's available.

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    Honestly, it's the best advice to pay for the room you want..

    The first time we tried out a different Couples resort we booked a middle-of-the-road room and we were (apparently) upgraded at Checkin but didn't even realize it until we saw the room....

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    Don't "expect" anything and you won't be disappointed, right?!

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